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Mikado - B2B Platform


Privacy and Cookie policy of the B2B wholesale channel of Abramis sp. z o.o. (Ltd.)


The present document outlines rules of processing and protection of personal data of the Users connected to their activity at the b2b.mikado.pl/ portal (called further on Abramis Portal), owned by Abramis sp. z o.o. registered at ul. Łąkowa 52 a, 05-092 Łomianki, under NIP 1180014612.

Abramis sp. z o.o. recognizes and respects right to privacy of Users of the Abramis Portal. In particular it cares for the protection of personal data and implements both organizational and technological measures aiming to prevent any undesired interference into privacy of Users by any third-persons. Our actions are designed to provide User with sense of complete safety, corresponding at the same time to requirements stated by the current law, including:

    1. Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council dated 27th of April 2016 on the protection of personal data of individuals and the processing of personal data of individuals, superseding the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC (The General Data Protection Regulation) (furtheron: GPDR);


    1. Data protection act dated 10 of May 2018 (Ustawa z dnia 10 maja 2018 r. o ochronie danych osobowych);


    1. Electronic service provision act dated 18 of July 2002 (Ustawy z dnia 18 lipca 2002 r. o świadczeniu usług drogą elektroniczną);


    1. Telecommunications law act dated 16 of July 2004 (Ustawy z dnia 16 lipca 2004 r. Prawo telekomunikacyjne);


Use of Abramis portal is executed through a safe SSL protocol, that significantly increases data safety within the Internet.

We hereby inform you that within the Arbamis Portal there are external links located, allowing its Users to directly reach other websites; also, while using the Abramis Portal, Cookie files by other providers such as: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube may be placed at your device in order to enable you full functionality of the Abramis portal integrated with the listed service providers. Each of those providers individually manages its Cookie policy within its privacy policy and therefore we cannot vouch neither for privacy policy or for handling of Cookies by those service providers. Having safety concerns in mind, we strongly recommend any user to get familiar with privacy policy and Coookie policy of a particular provider, prior to use of services offered by the given external provider; in case of lack such policies it is recommended to contact administrators of the particular portal in order to receive proper documentation regarding the issue concerned.


  • Cookie – it is a small piece of information saved by the server at the PC of the User, that the server is capable of re-accessing during the consecutive connection with the mentioned computer.
  • System log – it is a piece of information provided by the User’s computer to the server during each connection, that can contain various data (e.g. IP number), that can be used to asses estimated location of the connecting device.
  • IP address – individual number, usually ascribed to each computer connected to the Internet; IP number can be permanently connected to a specified PC (static), or connected to a given connection (dynamic).
  • SSL protocol – special standard of data transmission within the Internet where the transmission is encrypted in contrast to regular transmission where the transmission occurs with use of a regular script.


  1. Administrator and Inspector For Personal Data Protection
  • Administrator of your data is the Abramis sp. z o.o. (ltd.) represented by the Board of the company (further on Admnistrator).
  • Administrator appointed an Inspector for Personal Data Protection.
  • In cases related to your personal data processing you can contact the Administrator and the Inspector for Personal Data Protection by mail, posting a statement to an address: Abramis Sp. z o.o. ul. Łąkowa 52 a, 05-092 Łomianki, or through the form: https://www.mikado.pl/kontakt/
  • Information clausulae related to personal data processing by Arbramis sp. z o.o. is available at the Abramis Portal in the downloads tab: https://www.mikado.pl/en/downloads/?set=true


  1. Data gathering

Within use of the Abramis Portal by the User, http inquires directed to the server made by the latter are being stored. Browsed resources are being identified through URL addresses and are related to:

  • public IP address of the end device, that submitted the inquiry;
  • name of the User station – identification executed via http protocol if it is possible;
  • name of the User stated during the authorization process;
  • time of submission of the inquiry;
  • first line of the demand of the http;
  • http response code;
  • amount of data shared by the server;
  • URL address of the website previously visited by the User – in case when the initial access to the Abramis Portal occurred through an external link;
  • User’s browser information;
  • transaction errors feedback that may have taken place during the http transaction.

The above data is not associated to individual persons browsing Abramis Protal websites.

Abramis Portal does not automatically gather any information but the ones included in Cookie files.

Data gather in a mention manner is used in following way:

  • in order to manage the Portal;
  • in order to tailor the shape of our website to your preferences;
  • in order to use services available at our website;
  • in order to define potential security threats;
  • in order to process complaints and inquires submitted to or related to you, connected to our portal;
  • for trade communication;
  • to share our e-mail newsletter if you agreed to receive one (at any time you can withdraw you consent to receive the newsletter);
  • in order to provide safety of our services and to protect our services from frauds
  • in order to verify compliance to our terms of use of our Portal (including monitoring of private messages sent though our private messages service)

User actively consenting to terms and conditions of (using) services by Abramis Portal may be requested to submit the following data:

  • first and last name
  • e-mail address
  • contact message body

Submission of the mentioned data is voluntary, yet lack of it will disable user from usage of the Abramis Portal within the functionality that requires answers to the queries stated (e.g. an answer for an inquiry)

Websites of third persons

Our Abramis Portal includes hyperlinks to various of websites of third persons and detailed information about them. We do not control nor vouch for privacy policy nor actions of any third persons.

  1. Personal data processing

Personal data gathered through the Abramis Portal, related to individual User may be used in order to answer queries submitted via dedicated contact form by the User, to book a service, to distribute trade information or a newsletter.

Personal data gathered through forms with prior User’s approval are being processed for no longer than needed to process the query and in order to satisfy the query. Details are listed in specific clausulae located beneath corresponding forms.

Personal data gathering

The following types of personal data can be gathered stored and used:

  • information about the computer, including the IP address, geographical location, type and version of the browser and operating system used;
  • information about your visits and use the portal, including source of the link, time of the visit, pages shown and navigation history within the portal;
  • information such as e-mail, shared during registration process at our portal;
  • information shared while creating the profile at our portal – e.g. first name, last name, profile picture, sex, birth date, relationship status, personal interests, hobbies, education history and employment data;
  • information such as first name and last name shared in order to configure subscription of our e-mails and bulletins;
  • information shared while using services at our portal
  • information generated while using our portal, including frequency and circumstances of each use;
  • information related to everything that you purchase, services that you use or transactions that you executed via our website, including first name, last name, address, phone number, e-mail address and credit card data;
  • information published at our website with intention to publish them in the Internet, including the username, profile picture and content of posts submitted;
  • information included in all types of correspondence shared with us via electronic mail or through our website, including content of the communication and metadata;
  • all sorts of other personal data shared by you with us.

Users’ rights

User within the data processing procedure has the following rights:

  • to access the data;
  • to amend the data;
  • to remove or limit processing of the data without impact on processing done by the Administator before the consent has been removed or its scope limited;
  • to file a complaint to the regulating body responsible for data protection - President of the Personal Data Protection Office, in situation when processing of the User’s data would be violating the current law;

Amendment of the personal data

Kindly, submit to us a request to amend the personal data in possession of which we are, should such amendment be deemed necessary.

Sharing of the personal data with third persons

We will not, without explicit consent of the User of the Abramis Portal, share any personal data to any third persons or any other, related to them third parties, for the direct marketing purposes. Users’ personal data gathered are not shared with international organizations or third countries. Personal data can be processed by other subjects according to the current European Union law or national law.

Disclosure of personal data

We can disclose your data:

  • within the limits and as required by the regulations of the law;
  • in cases related to potential legal processes;
  • in order to state, execute or protect our rights (including sharing the data with other subjects in order to prevent frauds);
  • within limits necessary to run the business and provide services.

Safety of the personal data

  • We will bear all rational technical and organizational means necessary in order to prevent loss, abuse or alteration of the User’s personal data.
  • We will be storing all the personal data shared by you at our safe servers (protected with password and firewall).
  • All the information shared through our website are protected with proper encryption.
  • User acknowledges that transmission of information through the Internet, despite protective measures and encryption, can be potentially dangerous.


  1. Use of Cookie files

Abramis Portal, according to the article 173 of the Telecommunications law act dated 16 of July 2004 (Ustawy z dnia 16 lipca 2004 r. Prawo telekomunikacyjne) uses cookie files containing electronic data, text files in particular, being stored at the final User’s end-device. Cookie files usually contain name of the website that they come from, information regarding period of time of their storage at the end-device and their unique number.

Cookie files are being used in order:

  • to enhance User’s browsing experience of the Abramis Portal;
  • to associate the User with the end-device used in case of repeated visit to the Abramis Portal;
  • to create traffic statistics, allowing to understand better how Users of the Abramis Portal are using internet resources, enabling implementation of further improvements within structure and content of the Abramis Portal.
  • to adjust content of the Abramis Portal to preferences of the User and to optimize use of internet websites adjusted to individual needs of the User;

There are the following types of Cookie files used by the Abramis Portal:

  • session – stored at the User’s end-device until he logs-out, leaves the website or tuns the web browser off;
  • permanent – stored at the User’s end-device for a specified period of time, predetermined in parameters of Cookie files or until they are removed by the User;
  • efficiency – that allow gathering data about the way Abramis Portal websites are being used;
  • indispensable – allowing to use services provided through the Abramis Portal;
  • functional – allowing to store settings and personal interface preferences selected by the User;
  • own – placed by the Abramis Portal
  • external – sourced from locations other than the Abramis Portal.

That data is in no manner associated with personal data of the User of the Abramis Portal and is not used in order to determine personality of the User. Scope of the data automatically gathered depends on settings of the browser used by the User. User should check settings of his browser in order to find out what information are shared by the browser automatically in order to change those settings. In order to do so, we do recommend to further explore the “Help” section of the preferred browser.

Change of conditions of storage of Cookie files can be achieved through proper configuration of settings within the browser, e.g.:

Programs that allow to browse content of the Internet – internet browsers, usually by default allow storage of Cookie files at the end-device of the User. Abramis Portal Users can choose to change those settings within that area.

Browsers allow Cookie files deletion. It is possible to automatically block Cookie files. Detailed information about that can be found in documentation or help section of the preferred browser used by the User. If Cookie files storage is not desired by the User, he can decide to change settings of his browser. Disabling Cookie files functionality, affecting Cookie files indispensable for authentication processes, safety and preferences of the User may significantly hinder or even disable ability to use the Abramis Portal in extreme cases.

  1. Actualisation of the Privacy Policy

The described rules may be periodically updated through an upload to our website in the amended version. Kindly, periodically check this part of the Abramis Portal in order to make sure that you have deep understanding of all changes within those rules.